Act Casual Breaks Down the Anatomy of a Jam Band on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi

May 9, 2019

Jam bands might be experts in improvisation, but that doesn't mean that they're without structure.

During a recent appearance on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi, local Detroit group Act Casual broke down how they manage to keep things loose when they're making music, while still being productive and receptive as a band.

"Sometimes we'll notice an improv is just not going anywhere and it's like we look back (and say) 'Let's come back to the top,'" guitarist Nick Small explained. "But other times, we're on stage and we are in the middle of an improv and people are really getting into it, and for us, that just feeds in and we just keep going, because it's an amazing feeling."

"But I would say the crowd can definitely determine the length of the improv section," he continued. "We'll determine whether it's cool or not based on their reaction."

As far as writing music goes, bassist Danny Flynn says that sometimes musical ideas that form from improvisation can find homes in other pieces of Act Casual's music.

"We've definitely had songs that we've taken parts from and let develope as their own piece," Flynn told host Pam Rossi. "Or we'll have two separate ideas that are maybe a part or two, and we'll be like 'That other part we've been working on is in that key,' or 'Maybe we could work those together.' So the opposite (happens), where we'll piece parts together to come up with a final result."

During the show, Act Casual also showed off their live performance and songwriting skills by performing three original songs live in the MusicTown Detroit studios, including "Detroit City," "Voodoo Thang" and "Great, Proud, Wonderful."

Catch Act Casual later this month when they perform at the White Birch Music Festival 2019, May 17-19 in Stanton, MI, and watch their entire episode of Behind the Mic below!