Alessia Cara Talks New Album 'The Pains of Growing' at MusicTown Detroit

November 30, 2018

Alessia Cara's sophomore effort, The Pains of Growing, dropped today (November 30), and is already garnering positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Last month, the supremely talented 22-year-old stopped by the Lyft Lounge inside MusicTown Detroit to preview the record during an exclusive listening party, where she discussed the process of making the album and explained the meaning behind many of her latest songs.

"Of course the first [album] was exciting, but this one just feels, in a sense, like my first album," she explained. "I wrote everything by myself, which was a huge deal for me, personally... this music is just so 'me.'"

"Maybe because it's been three years, also, I've just grown so much," Cara continued. "So this feels new and fresh and just moreso, where I'm at."

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