Allie Aro Talks Name Change and New Music on Homegrown Happy Hour

June 17, 2019

Allie Aro is an artist in transition.

The 20-year-old metro Detroit-based country singer already has the wherewithal to know that her brand as an artist is just as important as her music, and she's taking all of the right steps to ensure that all of the elements match up.

Initially going by "Allie Louise" in her younger years, the singer decided to switch things up and become Allie Aro when she changed her path from traditional country to more of a country-pop sound, with elements of EDM.

Recently appearing on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., Aro explained that people even tried to convince her years ago that she would pull a "Taylor Swift" someday, and though she didn't predict it herself, she's thrilled with her choice.

"I turned 18 and started growing up and realized what I actually wanted," she told host Frank Williams Jr. of her changing sound. "It'll probably change again in the future, but for now, (it's) country-pop."

Along with her name change, Aro's latest set of releases also reflect her new genre. Still, she says she wanted to make sure she found a good balance between country, pop and EDM when creating the production for her music.

"I worked with Greg Lawson, he was the producer, and we really tried hard to find that right balance and I still think it can be tweaked a little bit," she said. "But that was definitely the hardest thing, was just kind of nailing down that sound."

A year in the making, Allie Aro is now ready to launch her new brand and her new music, including her latest single "Bad Influence," which she performed live on Homegrown Happy Hour, along with "Bring on the Moon" and "Infinite Circle."

You can catch Allie Aro opening up for The Steve Taylor Three at Otus Supply in Ferndale on Friday, June 21 at 8pm and find out more about her and her music at