Detroit Crooner Ben Sharkey Talks New Album and Balancing his Art

October 9, 2018

Detroit's Ben Sharkey is fine with being labeled a 'crooner,' but that's certainly not the extent of who he is as an artist.

Beginning his career as a creative in the world of studio art, the singer/songwriter eventually went to the College for Creative Studies for animation and digital media before turning his attention to music.

Now, having recently dropped his sophomore album, Sharkey says that he's constantly having to balancing his artistic outlets, but he's happy to do it.

"A lot of people ask me if I had to choose one or the other...what I like to say is, 'It's kind of like choosing what arm do you cut off?'" he explained on a recent episode of Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi. "They're both so important to me, the music and the art. I think the music is very visual and the art is very musical as well."

As far as his most recent record, Mercury Rising, Sharkey says it still showcases his jazzy/swing-influenced style, but he incorporated more pop and house elements into his newest songs in order to keep them sounding current.

"It's more edgy, experimenting more with different styles and I guess it's a little more 'adult' with the writing than my last album," Sharkey said. "It's got a lot more production to it and there's a lot of elements in there."

You can catch Ben Sharkey performing next at the newly-opened Willis Showbar on Thursday, October 18, and enjoy his entire performance and interview on Behind the Mic below.