How Two Broken Ankles Led Brent Mireau to Music

September 26, 2018

Artists often discover their talent in different ways, but for Brent Mireau, his road to music was a little bit painful.

The Detroit-based singer/songwriter recently appeared on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi, and explained how a bad injury led to his current career path.

"I grew up racing motocross," Mireau explained. "I'd be on the couch with two broken ankles and I think that's where the guitar came from...I needed something to do."

He went on to explain that his mom had tried to put him in guitar lessons as a kid, but he had no interest. Instead of learning songs, his teacher just wrote down a few basic chords for him in a book. Whenever Brent would break a bone racing, he'd reach for that book and his guitar.

Over time, Mireau used those chords to teach himself to play popular songs, and eventually started writing his own. Thanks to encouragement from his friends, he also began taking playing and practicing more seriously, and that led him to grow as a musician.

Now, he's hoping to release an EP or an album in the near future, and he continues to hone his craft by playing at local venues around Detroit.

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