Ivan Kral Talks Performing with Patti Smith and Recording 'Horses' on Behind the Mic

January 10, 2019

Ivan Kral kicked off a new year of Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi in the best way with a slew of great stories and songs.

The musician and filmmaker stopped by the MusicTown Detroit studios on Monday (January 7) to talk about his extensive career, which included a five-year stint as the bassist in the Patti Smith Group.

Kral appeared on several of Patti Smith's records, including her debut Horses in 1975, and discussed what it was like working with the infamous rocker/poet on that album.

"At the time, the band didn't know how to record, we didn't know how to tune our instruments," Kral recalled. "The material was all in Patti's head, ahead of the songs and all that. It was just an amazing amount of words and lyrics that she put into the record and you can feel the strength of it."

Kral also talked about the incident in 1977 when Smith fell off stage in Tampa during a concert with Tom Petty and broke several vertabrae in her neck. It was actually Kral who called the ambulance that day, and he revealed what Smith said to him after being hospitalized.

"During that time, Patti said, 'I hope you don't join Linda Ronstadt,'" Kral remembered with a laugh.

Kral also performed three songs on Behind the Mic and talked about working with Debbie Harry, Iggy PopThe Beatles and more.

Watch his entire episode below, and visit Ivan Kral's website for more on the Grammy Award-winning artist.