John D. Lamb Discusses his Songwriting Retreat and First New Album in Over a Decade

September 17, 2018

Every November, John D. Lamb packs up his guitar and heads up north to host a songwriting retreat for musicians from all across the country.

Now in its 24th year, the workshop, which takes place in Harbor Springs, MI, has grown into a highly-anticipated event, in which songwriters inspire one another to turn out their best material over the course of three days.

"It's not a competition," Lamb explained. "Everybody is pulling for one another to come up with the best song they can do that weekend."

Along with the natural inspiration that surfaces from being around other artists, Lamb says that the gorgeous views in Northern Michigan also help to get the creative juices flowing among workshop attendees.

"When I would be touring (up north) with my band, I'd find myself on a beach and I'd look down one side of the beach and another side of the beach and I wouldn't see anybody," he recalled. "It just makes you feel so grandiose...which makes you get grand ideas, and makes you maybe feel a little more like you can write a song."

"That's why I decided to use that area up there, as inspiration for people," Lamb added.

And that idea certainly seems to have worked for the Detroit-born singer/songwriter, who is poised to drop his first new album in over a decade, A Movie Night, tomorrow (September 18) with a whopping 15-song tracklist.

See his entire interview and live performance on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi below, and learn more about John D. Lamb on his website.