Kari Lynch Band Talks New Album "The Other Side" on Homegrown Happy Hour

May 28, 2019

The Kari Lynch Band is kicking off the summer in a big way: with a new record and a slew of live shows on the horizon.

Lead singer Kari Lynch and guitarist Travis Radaz dropped by the MusicTown Detroit studios last week to talk about their latest album, The Other Side, on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr.

The album, which dropped on May 17, was recorded back in February at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios in just six days thanks to a lot of hard work and very little sleep.

Still, Lynch says the group had "a blast" making their latest album, and are excited to have fans finally be able to listen to it.

"I think we're all just settling into the idea that it's actually out in the world because it's just been ours," Lynch told host Frank Williams Jr. "For the last year we've been working on these songs and figuring out which songs we wanted to put on the album and then recording."

"These songs have been so close to us and we've been listening with an ear that's very techincal," she added. "So the fact that it's out now to the world and people are hearing it and enjoying it and sending us messages about it is just so cool."

The group, who hail from Grand Rapids but are now based in Nashville, also performed three songs off the new record, including its single, "Highway Honey," which was actually penned a couple of years ago and saved for this album.

"When we were rehearsing songs for the album ... this was the one where after we played through it to get a feel for it, that we all looked around and really realized that this was the sound of the next album," Lynch explained. "Actually I wrote this song with two of my friends down in Nashville and when we finished writing it, I remember looking at them and going, 'Guys, I'm pretty sure we just wrote the first single for the next record,' and that was in 2017. I think it was this one hands down."

Watch the Kari Lynch Band's entire performance from Homegrown Happy Hour below and check out their website to see where they'll be performing around Michigan this summer.