Kyle Jennings on How Discovering his Grandfather's Guitar Led to a Country Music Career

September 4, 2018

Growing up in west Michigan, Kyle Jenning's hockey teammates used to joke that he might someday have a future in country music because of his constant singing in the locker room.

Years later, it would turn out that they were right.

For the past 16 years, the Kalamazoo native has been making it happen for himself in the Nashville music scene. Aside from his teammates' teasing, it was actually a discovery he made at his grandfather's house that made him decide once and for all to pursue a career in country.

"I reached under his bed one night looking for his fiddle and I pulled out this case," Jennings recalled. "I was so ignorant to music that I pulled out this guitar case and I thought, 'That's a damn big fiddle.'"

"I didn't even know he had a guitar," he continued. "I just started messing with it, and I didn't even know how to tune the thing. But I knew a guy in town who knew how to play."

After tracking down his friend and learning the basics, Jennings' love of music took off, and within a couple of years he found himself living in the Music City.

Now, Jennings is poised to release his latest single, "Jesus, Jack Daniels and Me," which he performed when he visited the MusicTown Detroit studios this week during Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr.!

See his entire interview and performance below.