Lisa Mary Explains How a Bad Car Accident Changed her Life and her Music

June 6, 2019

Lisa Mary is an artist with a lot of talent and an inspiring story that's changed her outlook on life and on her music.

The 22-year-old country singer was in a bad car accident two years ago, and during the course of her seven-month recovery, felt that she had lost direction.

During a recent appearance on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., Lisa Mary played two new songs that were written about her experience after the accident. The first of which, "Second Wind," was co-written with Greg Stryker, and encapsulates the singer's journey back to music.

"As crazy as it sounds, I felt so disconnected from myself and I felt like my life kind of lacked of a purpose," Lisa Mary told host Frank Williams Jr. "So when I was able to get back to music again, it really felt like my 'second wind.'"

The metro Detroit-based artist also performed her new single "Dive," which is out now. The song was penned to "encourage other accident victims," which is what Lisa Mary says was exactly what she wanted to do when she got back to making music.

"For this song, I've actually partnered with the Crash Support Network, and a portion of my proceeds is going to go towards the network," she explained. "That's all about different car accident survivors and caregivers coming together to discuss their recovery and their struggles and encourage one another."

"Dive" will be the first single off of Lisa Mary's new album, which is currently in the works. She also has a performance coming up at the Canton Liberty Festival on Saturday, June 15.

Watch Lisa Mary's entire episode of Homegrown Happy Hour below, and check out her website for more info!