Matt Austin Premieres New Single "Your Name" on Homegrown Happy Hour

May 8, 2019

Matt Austin has a busy summer ahead of him.

The Detroit-based singer, who also performs and records in Nashville, recently dropped his latest single "Your Name" at a release party at Coyote Joe's, but before he did, he premiered the tune at MusicTown Detroit during an episode of Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr.

But that's not the only new music that Austin has on the way!

During his apperance on Homegrown, the singer/songwriter revealed that he recently recorded four new singles down in Nashville with country artist Tyler Farr serving as producer, and he says his latest music is on par with the "big leagues" due to the high-quality production.

"These songs that I did at this level are at a bigger level than I've ever have done in my career," Austin told host Frank Williams Jr. "You can definitely hear the difference. As an independent person without a lot of funds, you get what you pay for, and it's true in the music business. Even a great song with mediocre production can only have so much life." 

Fans can expect the newest singles to drop about every eight weeks throughout 2019, and can also check out Austin as he performs all around Michigan this summer.

In the meantime, check out Matt Austin's entire interview and performance on Homegrown Happy Hour below.