Mike Skill of The Romantics Reveals the Best Career Advice He's Ever Received

December 11, 2018

Mike Skill has been making music with The Romantics for over four decades, and in that time, he's learned a lot about writing music, touring and performing.

But when it comes to being a musician, there's still one piece of advice that resonates with Mike above the rest.

While recently appearing on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi at MusicTown Detroit, the singer/guitarist revealed that it was actually his son who provided him with his favorite words of wisdom in his career: "Have fun." Skill also explained what advice he'd give to his son, who is an artist himself.

"Let your creativity go inside...feel free with it. And he does," Skill told Rossi. 

During the interview, Skill also played some new songs off of his solo record '67 Riot, which chronicles the 1967 uprising in Detroit.

"Just like within ourselves, you can't deny something that's dark or painful or traumatic from your past. You've got to deal with it as some point," Skill explained about writing the record. "And I don't think the city and the country did that in a lot of ways. It's beautiful that things are now turning."

Watch Mike Skill's entire interview with Pam Rossi below and visit his website to keep up with us upcoming solo shows and tour dates with The Romantics.