How Apropos Crossed Genres to Create a 'Modern Motown' Sound

September 9, 2019

Apropos doesn't subscribe to just one musical genre, and that decision has paid off.

Born in Baltimore and raised in Detroit, the singer has been influenced by everything from alternative, to soul, to gospel, to hip-hop, and he has incorporated all of those sounds into his debut album, Verse(atility).

Touting what he has dubbed a "Modern Motown" sound, Apropos recorded Verse(atility) in London last year and released it in November of 2018. The record has been well-received, and his second single "Talk Like That" was even featured on Rocket Hour, a Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music hosted by Sir Elton John himself.

Apropos recently appeared on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi, and explained how his flexibilty as an artist inspired the title of his album.

"The album is so versatile, so after all the recording was done, it was like 'We can't just focus on one branch, one part of his album. What are we going to call it?'" he explained to his Pam Rossi. "And [my business partner's] idea was to throw the word 'verse' in there, put it in parentheses just because it is a musical term, and just let people know the sound was completely versatile."

Currently, Apropos is working on his sophomore record, which he says will be just as diverse as the debut, but will also be a concept album that will feature one theme throughout. You can also catch Apropos performing live all around Detroit, including at the Willis Show Bar in Midtown every month.

Watch Apropos's entire episode of Behind the Mic below, and check out his Facebook page for upcoming live shows and other updates.