From The Netherlands to Nashville: How Myspace Changed Mark Blomsteel's Career

September 11, 2019

Mark Blomsteel has had an interesting path.

The country singer was born and raised in The Netherlands, and was already working hard towards a career in music when a little website called Myspace changed his life.

A producer named Fred Vail, who previously worked with the Beach Boys, came across Blomsteel's music on the social media site, and contacted him about coming to Nashville to make some music with him.

"He said 'I want to work with you,'" Blomsteel recalled while recently appearing on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr. "So I'm like 'I'm going to try to fly to Nashville and see if this is a real thing.' And it was."

"I came into a studio where Jason Aldean recorded all of his records...Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton recorded there as well," he added. "And here's this Dutch boy coming in!"

In fact, Blomsteel has become affectionately known as the "Dutch Boy" within the Nashville music scene, where he continues to play and record.

His debut album, Burning Old Bridges, dropped in April of this year via M.A.R.S Label Group, and he played a couple of tracks off of the record during his visit to MusicTown, where he performed with a slew of Detroit-based musicians.

Watch his entire episode of Homegrown Happy Hour below, and visit Mark's website to check out more of his music and learn about his upcoming tour dates.