Raye Williams on her Ever-Evolving Career and New Tidal Partnership

October 1, 2019

Every time Raye Williams thinks she's got her music career figured out, another curveball comes her way.

The Belleville-born singer/songwriter has always had roots in both Michigan and Tennessee, but made the move to Nashville when she was just 17 to try to forge her way as an artist.

After many years of ups and downs in the Music City, Williams decided to relocate back to Motown for an opportunity that ended up falling through. Thankfully, she kept plugging away, and while driving for Lyft, ended up being one of the drivers selected to record at our MusicTown Detroit studios, where she also released her single, "Sing Me Home " last September.

Fast-forward a year, and Williams continues to embrace the new opportunties that seem to pop up every time she thinks she's reached her peak.

Out of 3,000 submissions, Williams was recently chosen to be among the five Detroit artists to be involved with Tidal Unplugged; a $1 million endowment program from the streaming service Tidal that supports emerging artists.

And she did it all on a whim just by randomly applying to an ad she saw on Instagram one day.

"(The submission) had to be a capella, or just really stripped down acoustic. I had a video from performing on WSM in Nashville and I just submitted that and didn't think anything of it. It took me 60 seconds," Williams told host Frank Williams Jr. on a recent episode of Homegrown Happy Hour. "Low and behold, after the release of 'Suicidal Heart,' I got an email saying that I'd made it to the next round, which just led to the next round..."

After auditioning for the Tidal team last May, Williams officially landed her spot, and will be working closely with them in the coming months to take her career to the next level.

In the meantime, Raye Williams is gearing up to release her latest single, "I'm Only Here Cuz I'm Lonely," which she performed on Homegrown Happy Hour, along with her songs, "Go Down" and "Suicidal Heart."

Check out more about the Tidal: Unplugged program here, and watch Raye Williams' entire interview and performance from the MusicTown Detroit studios below.