Uncle Kracker Remembers the Time he Hung Up on Kenny Rogers

August 22, 2019

Even Multi-Platinum artists get star-struck sometimes!

During a recent visit to MusicTown Detroit, Uncle Kracker performed live in the City Theatre in an exclusive concert with 99.5 WYCD, and during the show, told a quick story about the time his childhood hero Kenny Rogers called...and he hung up on him!

"About seven years ago, I was on a tour bus in some city, and my phone was ringing," he recalled. "It was early in the morning and I didn't know the number, but I picked it up anyway. I was like, "Hello?" There was a guy sitting there on the other end who said, "Is this Uncle Kracker? ... Well this is Kenny Rogers.'"

"And I was like 'Kenny Rodgers? Get the **** out of here,' and I dropped the phone," the "Drift Away" singer continued with a laugh. "It was too early for that, right? So my phone rings again, only this time it was my manager and he was like, 'Did you just hang up on Kenny Rogers?!'"

Thankfully, Kracker got a second chance when Rogers called him back, and this time, he believed it was really was the "The Gambler" on the other end.

"What a great guy," he told the crowd. "When I was about 10 years old, you couldn't tell me I wasn't Kenny Rogers!"

Kracker then performed a tribute to his musical hero, along with several of his own hits, including "Drift Away," "Good to Be Me," "Floatin'," Follow Me" and "Smile."

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