Pete Fetters Sings the Blues on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi

March 5, 2019

Pete Fetters wants you to know it's okay to have the blues.

The Michigan-based singer has been performing in the genre for three decades, having started his career at the age of 13 as a stand-out in his church choir who could hit impressive high notes as a soprano.

Fetters' voice and musical style may have changed a bit since then, but his passion for performing remains, which was showcased on an episode of Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi this week.

In fact, Fetters, who goes by the nickname "Big Dog," was a one-man band on the show, performing the vocals, percussion, guitar and harmonica parts completely solo.

The blues rocker says he learned to be a bit of a musical minimalist early on, even pushing himself to get better at the guitar so that he could have a smaller band and make more money during gigs.

"If I can hire fewer people, that means we all make more money," he explained. "When it comes down to people trying to make a living at playing and you want to be able to pay them a resonable pay to work with you, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and not have so many people in the band."

Fetters also won the Detroit Blues Challenge back in 2006, and went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. He tells Rossi that he believes his ability to be a Jack-of-all-Trades helped land him the win.

"When you're a solo entertainer, I think people are looking at the whole package," Fetters told Rossi. "They're looking at your vocal ability, your ability on your instrument, if you're a writer and you're writing good songs, then that's icing on the cake. There might not be one thing that stands out to be 'Whoa!,' but the whole thing together can be pretty good."

Watch Pete Fetters' entire interview and performance on Behind the Mic below, and check out his website to see what else is coming up for the singer.