Ray Williams on How Returning to Detroit Changed her Music Career

September 19, 2018

Ray Williams is an artist who knows what she wants, but for a few years in her career, things seemed less certain.

The Detroit-born singer/songwriter spent her late teens and early '20s shopping demos and performing around Nashville, all while writing songs for other artists, serving as a background vocalist and waiting for her big break.

After it seemed that things just weren't working out in the Music City, Williams made the bold decision to return to Motown, and began a revamp of her career that would prove to be hugely successful.

"I had recorded this whole record and I was just kind of sitting on it because I wanted the right opportunity, and it felt like it was going to get lost in all the noise if I would've just hurried up and released it right when it was finished," Williams explained on a recent episode of Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr. "I've just patiently been waiting for the past two and a half years."

Thankfully, over the past year, Ray was able to partner up with her employer Lyft to record at MusicTown Detroit as one of their many talented drivers who also perform music, and things have started to "spiral from there, in all the best ways" for her career.

Now, Ray is planning to drop her new single "Sing Me Home" this Sunday on the Lyft Lounge Rooftop at HockeyTown Cafe, right in the heart of downtown Detroit. You can find out more details about that event here.

Watch Ray Williams' entire interview and performance on Homegrown Happy Hour below, and be sure to join us this Sunday at 4pm for her single release party!