RJ Harper Talks "Diehard" Fans and his New EP on Homegrown Happy Hour

March 14, 2019

RJ Harper is ready to make his official debut into country music.

The metro Detroit-based singer has been playing around the area for years, but over the past several months, things have really started to take shape for Harper and his band.

The group was signed to the label All The Way Free last year, which helped them launch their first official single "For the Money."

Now, the band's EP is on the way in just a matter of weeks, and they appeared on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr. to chat about their new music and perform some of the songs live in the MusicTown Detroit studios.

Harper already has a busy spring and summer ahead, with shows scheduled at Coyote Joe's, Dooley's, Faster Horses and even a date on the books in Nashville, and her tells host Frank Williams Jr. that it's the band's fans (which are known as "Diehards") that make it all worthwhile.

"We have these people that we call our 'Diehards' that are there at every show...and they're screaming your songs back to you," Harper explained. "That's when it's the most meaningful because you've made an impact on somebody enough for them to memorize that song."

"I would say that's the most rewarding part is all of these people who are close friends of mine now," he added. "I get to meet all of these people and become friends and have close relationships."

Find out more about RJ Harper's shows and forthcoming EP on his Facebook page, and watch his entire performance on Homegrown Happy Hour below.