Sara Marie Barron Brings Stunning Vocals to Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi

February 12, 2019

Sara Marie Barron already feels like a modern classic.

The Detroit-based soul singer, who grew up in metro Detroit and was trained at the Rochester Conservatory of Music, brings an eclectic mix of old and new to her music, giving it a retro-vibe that still feels at home in 2019.

Stopping by the MusicTown Detroit studios this week for an appearance on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi, Barron performed three stripped-down songs with several members of her band, and talked about how moving back to Detroit a couple of years ago prompted her to take her music career to the next level.

"I started being more prolific in (my) early 20s...and right about when I moved back to Michigan and to Detroit, which was in July of 2017, I was like 'Okay, I have these songs, I want to get everything at least recorded for my sake,'" she explained to host Pam Rossi. "I wanted to start playing out and everything, so I kind of flipped the switch and got a little more motivated and confident in recording the songs."

That motivation led to Barron meeting her band and planning her next album, which she hopes to complete and release sometime within the next year.

Watch Sara Marie Barron's entire performance and interview on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi below, and check out her website for upcoming shows and more music.