Singer/Songwriter Michael Tocco Showcases Stellar Talent on Behind the Mic

November 28, 2018

Michael Tocco already has a ton of talent, and he's just getting started.

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter, who recently graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in music, is wasting no time launching his career.

In fact, Tocco has already dropped his first EP, And/Or, which boasts five songs and displays influences from John Mayer, Coldplay, Jack Johnson and others.

A talented singer and guitar player, Tocco says he also often looks to his background in electrical engineering for inspiration when writing songs, and even naming his EP.

"I love taking inspiration from obscure areas," he explained in a recent interview on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi. "I wouldn't imagine there are a lot of artists who are reading electrical engineering texts books like 'What could I find a metaphor in here for?' That's sort of an untapped area that I thought would be cool."

Watch Michael Tocco's entire performance on Behind the Mic below, and find out more about his EP and upcoming performances on his website.