Stephen Clark Discusses Why he Left TV for Radio and his Songwriting Career in Nashville

August 1, 2019

Stephen Clark is a man of many talents.

After years of delivering the nightly news to metro Detroiters as an anchor on WXYZ, Clark left television nearly two years ago to pursue a career in radio. Swapping out his late nights for early mornings, he now hosts the morning show at 104.3 WOMC alongside fellow former TV personality, JoAnne Purtan.

Recently, Clark made his return to Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., where he discussed his decision to leave television for radio, his music career, and his new record, T Shirt Songs.

Regarding his switch from the small screen to the airwaves, Clark told host Frank Williams Jr. that after four decades, he opted to bow out mainly because of the influx of negative news.

"I love doing radio because it's positive," Clark said. "The reason I left television, quite frankly, was that it was very negative. Every night I'd go to bed thinking of all the terrible stories I'd but people to bed with that night. The shootings, the murders...I was literally getting depressed over it."

"So now here I am in the mornings doing radio and we're telling nothing but good news," he continued. "We don't even touch the negative news, we don't talk about the bad stuff. We just look for the positive things going on in this community; good people doing good things."

When he's not entertaining metro Detroit on morning radio, Clark is also a country singer and songwriter, and spends about half of his time living in Nashville actively pursuing that passion.

Though he leans more towards his career as a songwriter, Clark also enjoys performing, and he played three songs live on the show, including, "More Gym, Less Jack," "Long Time, No Sea" and his new single, "Red Nekked."

Watch Stephen Clark's entire episode of Homegrown Happy Hour below, and listen to him weekdays from 6-10am on 104.3 WOMC!