Sydni K. Channels Teenage Heartache and Taylor Swift in Original Songs

March 5, 2019

Keep a lookout for Sydni K.

The 18-year-old singer/songwriter, who hails from Mio, Michigan, made her Detroit debut this week with a performance on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., playing three original songs off of her brand new EP, All of the Rumors are True.

Sydni draws influences from her experiences in high school and takes inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift in her songwriting, which she was able to put to good use when she recently recorded for the first time in Nashville.

"When I started writing these [songs], I had no idea it would become what it became," she told host Frank Williams Jr. "I was just writing for myself at that point and then went to Nashville in August of '18 and I was there for three days. So we whipped it out as fast as we could, but still made the best product possible."

And her songs certainly don't lack the power and emotion of Swift's, as Sydni tackles heartbreak, friendship troubles and other personal topics in her music.

Watch Sydni K.'s entire interview and performance on Homegrown Happy Hour below and check out her EP All of the Rumors are True on her website.