Tenille Arts Explains the Feeling that Inspired her New Single "I Hate This"

August 24, 2018

Up-and-coming country singer Tenille Arts brought her talents to Detroit this week for an exclusive live performance in the Lyft Lounge at MusicTown Detroit.

The 24-year-old Saskatchewan native spoke with 99.5 WYCD's Rob & Holly about her first single to country radio "I Hate This," and what inspired the song's concept.

"I wrote it with a friend of mine, his name is Adam Wheeler," the singer explained. "We were talking about in a relationship, if you take some time off or go on a break, or they want to break up...whatever it is, there's just kind of this overwhelming feeling of hating the whole situation."

"You also hate thinking about the fact that, now you've got to move on from that person and open up to somebody new and start that whole relationship process over again," she continued. "So we wanted to write this song about that feeling."