Uncle Kracker Remembers the Time he Hung Up on Kenny Rogers

Even Multi-Platinum artists get star-struck sometimes! During a recent visit to MusicTown Detroit, Uncle Kracker performed live in the City Theatre in an exclusive concert with 99.5 WYCD, and during the show, told a quick story about the time his childhood hero Kenny Rogers called...and he hung up...
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Stephanie Quayle Live at MusicTown Detroit

99.5 WYCD presents Stephanie Quayle

Montana native (now a rising Nashville star) returns to MusicTown Detroit to sing about "Drinking with Dolly" and talk about her flock of fans. This time she will be performing in The Lyft Lounge at the back of MusicTown Detroit on the 2nd Floor of Hockeytown Cafe and we've decided to invite fans...
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